Top 5 most expensive pets in the world


© Shutterstock / Angyalosi Beata

Izzie M.

It might sound crazy that pets can price as high as 16 million dollars, but yes its true!


1. Green Monkey – Thorough Breed Race Horse – 16 million

At the  top of the list is this amazing thorough breed race horse, Green Monkey! You may wondering why he tops the list at 16 million dollars, but here’s why, he can run a mile in 9.8 seconds in his first race! His father was also another American thorough bred, Forestry. So, a combination of his impressive speed and perfect genetics made him one of the most highly sort after horses in the equestrian world! Green Monkey was sold in 2009 at the high price of 16 million.



2. Sir Lancelot Encore – Labrador – 16 million

Labrador a pretty common inexpensive dog right? Apparently wrong. This one is a bit of a miracle so can demand an astronomical price.Sir Lancelot Encore is a complete clone of his former self. He is the World’s first successfully cloned dog. After, bathing in his own success for a while, he thought it would be a good idea to continue his unique gene pool, so he fathered a couple of litters of his own.



3. Miss Missy – cow – 1.2 million

Miss Missy is a world-famous Holstein Cow, that sold for $1.2 million in 2009. Her price comes from her popularity and success as she’s won several major titles and produces 50% more milk than a standard cow, she might not be as playful and loving as some of the other most expensive pets we’ve mentioned, but she sure is one of a kind!



4. Red Pure Bred Tibetan Mastiff – 582,000

One of the most expensive dogs in the world, The Tibetan Mastiff is extremely rare. Because of this, the price for one is insane, usually, on average the pure bred Tibetan Mastiff sells for approximately $582,000, however, in 2011 the last rare Tibetan Mastiff sold for $1.5 million.Originally bred to be guard dogs, they’ve since been crossbred with other dogs and make a great pet if you can afford to buy one.




5. White Lion Cubs – 140,000

The last on our list is white lion cubs which seen pretty crazy, right? First spotted in 1938 in South Africa, these lions are the result of a rare color mutation. It is believed that the mutation is due to recessive genes in both parents. After you’ve dropped $140,000 on one cub, you’re probably going to need to buy another, as they prefer not to be alone.