5 Most Addictive Apps for Your Phone


Kennedy M., Writer

These are the top 5 most addicting games or apps for when you are bored.

1. Reigns: Her Majesty – Reigns: Her Majesty is a strategy video game and is a standalone sequel to 2016’s Reigns. It is set in a fictional renaissance world where you are in the role of a monarch who rules the queendom by accepting or rejecting suggestions from advisers.

2. HQ Trivia – HQ Trivia is a mobile game show where you can play for free in daily trivia games. When you win you can win or split prize money.

3. Splitter Critters – Splitter Critters is a free-form puzzle game that puts world-splitting power into your hands. You can split and rearrange the world to bring faraway platforms together, move deadly lasers out of the way, and create floating swimming pools to guide alien critters back home.

4. Pigeon Wings – Pigeon Wings is a hyper-fast, racing game with shoot ‘em up elements and a lot of personality. you play a pigeon-pilot tasked with saving Megalopolis from the evil Duke Dexter. As you complete levels, you’re awarded up to three coins that can be exchanged for items like better engines for your airplane.

5. Mega Dead Pixel – Mega Dead Pixel is an arcade-like video game. When pixels collide, it’s game over! Steer your plucky pixel left and right as it descends through a minefield of dangerous retro shapes and transform into the almighty Mega Pixel.