(Almost)…A Decade at CRA!

(Almost)...A Decade at CRA!

Sofi O., Writer

Today we interviewed a few kids that have attended CRA for about 10 years now (since kindergarten). We asked each of them these three questions:

  • How has CRA impacted/benefited you over time?

Chloe- It has helped me come closer with other people.
Nick- Public speaking skills.
Canyon- It has helped me with collaboration skills.
Jake- Working with others
Callum M- It has helped me succeed socially
Callum R- It has helped me to work with groups.
Maddox- It has helped me focus on my grades
Levi- It has helped me meet lots of friends
Joel- Helps me work with groups
Sofi- It has helped me with speaking skills
Layla- The teachers are all nice and supportive
Mia- Supportive community
Esther- Making friends
Jordan- Collaboration skills
Adam- Making friends
Michale- Got into running

  • Who was one of your favorite teachers and why?

Chloe- Ms. Van Velden because she makes me look forward to her class instead of dreading it
Nick- Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Bachrach both wanted you to succeed
Canyon- Mrs. Bachrach
Jake- Mrs.Johnston, Mrs. Bachrach, and Ms. Jamie because they all helped me succeed.
Callum M.- Mrs. Bachrach made sure everyone was doing well

Callum R.- Mrs. Bachrach because she cared for each individual student even if it was by scolding you to shape you to be better.

Maddox- Mrs. Bachrach because she was nice and helped me learn

Levi- Mrs. Bachrach because of her unique teaching style

Joel- Ms. Van Velden because she is nice

Sofi- Mrs. Voccola because she helped students become the best versions of themselves

Layla- Ms. Jasper, Mrs. Beaty, Ms. Van Velden because they are the nicest

Mia- Mrs. Bachrach, Ms, Van Velden, and Mrs. Voccola because they are kind

Esther- Mrs. Bachrach, and Ms, Van Velden because they are nice 

Jordan- Mrs, Beaty because of her teaching style

Adam- Ms. Miranda because of video games and references 

Michale- Ms. Van Velden because she is nice


  • What is some advice for future students?


Sofi- Push yourselves 

Joel- Work hard

Levi- Don’t worry because most teachers will give you a second chance

Maddox- Do your homework

Callum R- Don’t wait call 8

Callum M- Enjoy it while you can

Jake- Don’t procrastinate 

Canyon- Push to succeed

Nick- Enjoy it while you have it

Chloe- Enjoy it while you can

Layla- Have fun

Mia- Have fun

Esther- Stay in school

Jordan- Enjoy it

Adam- Don’t mess it up

Michael- Make smart decisions