Why the Lakers are the Best Team in the NBA


Gabe L.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a record of 33-7 as of Thursday, January 16th.  The Los Angeles Lakers have 2 of the top 5 players in the NBA, (according to ESPN) and are really proving themselves this season. The Lakers have beaten many teams over .500, and under .500, and have the second best record in the NBA. So far, they have lost to only one team under .500. This is pretty impressive, especially for a team that has been doubted for a long time. Many people say that the team is not spectacular this season. But I am here to prove them wrong. The Lakers have lost to one of their main rivals this season twice, the LA Clippers. The first loss was for a good reason, the Lakers did not have all their players available because of injuries. Such as Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso, and Rajon Rond0. In December, when the Lakers played the Clippers again, they lost again. A reason they lost was because it was the first game LeBron James and Anthony Davis played after each missing a game, and LeBron was still feeling pain in his leg, but had to play. If LeBron was not feeling this pain, the Lakers probably would’ve won this game. Many of the other games the Lakers lost, some of their players did not play. And the rest were just games they played bad. But, as long as the Lakers are the 8th seed or above in the Western Conference, the losses do not matter until the playoffs.