What Did You Learn in Your Elective?

What Did You Learn in Your Elective?

Tobyn C. and Chloe B.

We went out and interviewed most of the electives about what they learned in the semester of their elective. We interviewed technology, green champs, debate team, digital media, and journalism. We didn’t get the chance to interview orchestra or theater because they were busy.

Technology: Nicholas- 3D printing   Chasen- designing   Lily- also designing

Green champs: Trevor- environment-friendly Hudson- environment   Luka- nature life Liesl- environment

Debate Team: Ethan- public speaking   Aneila- strong arguments  Logan- formatting Sebastian- heckling

Digital Media: Ryan- computer editing  Aubrie- poster design

Journalism: Mylee- writing stories Anna- posting videos on YouTube Emma- good quality pictures Liona- interviewing