Siebiran Huskys

Chloe B. and Tobyn C.

We researched the Siberian Husky’s and collected some cool information.

Siberian Husky’s are playful energetic dogs that are known for their playful energetic personalities. They originated in Siberia pulling sleds in the winter.

Husky’s are medium sized dogs that generally weigh 35- 60 pounds. Husky’s have a mix of black, white, tan, and red coats that keep them warm living in the snow. There noses vary from tan to brown depending on their fur coats. Husky’s have either brown or blues or they can have one of each. They also have curly tails.

Now the for FUN FACTS!

  • They are not good guard dogs
  • Love people
  • Need a regular grooming
  • Shed a lot of fur
  • They were used as search and rescue dogs in world war two

Siberian Husky’s are unique, playful, energetic copanions.