Teacher Interview- 10 Questions. By Sully, Joel, Gwen

Teacher Interview-  10 Questions.    By Sully, Joel, Gwen

Sullivan B., Photography


           How is the first semester going?


Mrs. Miranda: 

Been a little rough 7 is doing awesome stuff using vocab, still working on skills like annotating images.


Mrs. Libo-on: 

Only rough because the start wasn’t as smooth as it was last year. Wasn’t the students fault.


Mr. LoMonaco: 

The first semester has been AWESOME. The students are not only enjoying themselves in PE, but they are exhibiting good sportsmanship and positively interacting with their peers. I am impressed by how fast they are learning certain concepts within specific sports and showing their knowledge through gameplay. 


 Favorite grade to teach?


Ms. Miranda: 

6th grade advisory


Mrs. Libo-on: 

8th grade, have known them longer get to build on the content we knew before.


Ms Van Velden: 7th grade


 Ms. Van Velden- How are things going with chris pine?


Chris pine is great and is busy filming


Do you have a pet? If you do tell us about the pet!



Sister has all of my pets. Had Barbie since high school (dog) Mut, had her for 13 years, very sweet, helped her type essays in college.

Maisy she is god sent the perfect little angel


Mrs. Libo-on:

Has a dog named Luca, 2 bunnies elf, and tak. Animal lover, had luca after she graduated college only 5 years old and is like a cat. Shiba inu Burnt toast boy. Smiles like a person since he has an underbite. When you wake him up you’ll run into him. Elf does tricks. Had elf for 8 years. Elf worked with Mrs. Libo-on at an NPO and was a pet assistant animal. Good with people.


Favorite Season?


Ms. Miranda: Fall because layers, but not to thick not a bad idea to spend the day in bed with a blanket, and watching harry potter


Mrs. Libo-on: Fall, fall is awesome, you can have layers but not the thickest things. Not too hot.


Ms. Van Velden: Winter, I love hot chocolate with mini marshmallows with cheesy holiday movies. Also likes the time change

Favorite book?


Mrs. Miranda: The road, Its a post apocalyptic world where humans are cannibals. A man and his son, the point is how do they stay good and civilized. A very harsh world/environment.


Mrs. Libo-on: loves Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. She has read all the books in the Harry Potter series.


Mrs Van Velden: Memoirs of an imaginary friend, It’s in the perspective of an imaginary friend he solves a crime


 Favorite Activity?


Mrs. Miranda: Going to watch christmas lights/ Spending time with family


Mrs. Libo-on: Anything video game related, stay up past 3 am gamers.


Ms. Van Velden: Napping, clapping, and snapping


Favorite place to eat?


Mrs. Miranda: Top 1, a food truck in santa ana, sells tacos by far favorite place to go Taqueria ayutla


Mrs. Libo-on: Wingstop, you must get the sauce on the side, otherwise they mess up the wings.


Ms. Van Velden: Tries new places.


Why is the sky blue?


Mrs. Miranda: The sky wants to be nice to us, so it is blue for us. It makes us feel happy.


Mrs. Libo-on: Its blue with the tears of my students.


Mr. LoMonaco: Is it blue?


Ms. Van Velden: God is sad at the world.