Emma M. and Skylar K.

 Holiday Break Fun

Don’t know what to do on holiday break? Here are a few ideas of what you can do over the long school slumber. Holiday break is a time to spend with your family, it is also a time to have a break from your education. Why don’t you have at least one day to spend with your family, no chores, no school, no nothing but fun and family. Don’t you want to spend time with your siblings, to have a time with no video games and no work, well why don’t you try it now.   


1. Watch a movie: Be cozy, make some hot chocolate, pop some popcorn, lay back and relax, and feel free to have a friend join for those scary moments are someone to laugh with.

2. Play family games: Enjoy some family bonding time and bust out the apples to apples or Speak out, or anything you prefer, just sit down and enjoy life with your favorite people.

3. Go to a fun, snowy place: Big bear, Mammoth, Yellowstone, whatever you enjoy, pack up your stuff and head out to get away from reality, make a snowman, skiing, sledding, just have fun with no worries.

4. Celebrate your favorite holidays: Weather it’s Christmas, Three Kings Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you like, have a party, hang with friends, eat yummy food, just make memories that will last forever with the people you love, and bring on the traditions, as well as the best part, OPEN THE PRESENTS!

5. Just relax: Talk about something you are looking forward to, something that is bothering you (to get it off your shoulders), anything you would like to talk about, and express your feelings, and be nice to people