4th Grade Mission project


Jake V. and Aiden F.

Today I interviewed 4th grade to learn about their California Mission project. 4th grade took a field trip to one of the California Missions, learning about how real missions work and the different jobs there was. Each group of kids were assigned to a California Mission to learn about, make a artifact/model/painting, and present. I interviewed Ms. K’s class, Ms. Johnston’s class, and Ms. I interviewed Aiden, Eli, Luke, and Nolan from 4th grade. Eli’s mission was Mission Bahia Bodega, Luke’s mission was Mission San Behea Tamales, and Aiden’s mission was Mission Da Saint Samuel. Some of the job roles in a mission are, watchtower, cook, solider, priest, missionary, gardeners, blacksmiths, and craftsmen. Their favorite part of the project was, making architecture models on google draw, and making clay models. Some of the other models made were, clay barn, clay kitchen, clay hospital, clay cemetery, and clay watchtowers. The process of making the project was, make a slide, find out what job roles people had, get into groups, make models, and finally present. When presenting they said it was nerve racking, somebody almost tripped, and they said it was a brainwashing experience. Looks like the 4th graders had a fun time with the missions project! 4th graders sure did make a lot of cool models!