Pro Surfer Bio: Carissa Moore

Gwen M.

Carissa Moore was born August 27, 1992 in Oahu. She grew up surfing, and at only 14, she became the first female winner of the King of the Groms. She has won 11 National Titles, and has just become the World Champion for the 4th time. Carissa grew up competing against Bethany Hamilton, Alana Blanchard, and Coco Ho. They were all very close friends, and were always laughing and having fun together. Carissa, at age 18, became the youngest person to win the Triple Crown of Surfing. Moore now surfs all over the world, and has just qualified to represent our country in the 2020 Summer Olympics. We are all very happy to have Carissa on the Olympic team. From first surfing at Waikiki Beach, to winning NSSA nationals, to becoming the new World Champion of 2019, Carissa Moore has been a good sport, and an inspiration to up and coming surfers all around the world. She is now married to Luke Utterman, and when she’s not traveling the world, she’s at home in Hawaii with her husband and dog, Tuffy.