RailBlazer Review: (The Sequel) California’s Great America.

RailBlazer Review: (The Sequel) California's Great America.

Devon M.

The Entrance for Railblazer.

This is one of the most Intense Roller coasters I’ve ever ridden. This is RailBlazer at California’s Great America. One of the first single rail coasters on earth, RailBlazer opened up in 2018 to critical acclaim. In this review, I will talk about stats, theme, ride experience, and final score at the end. The stats aren’t very impressive. 106 feet tall, 100 foot drop, 52 mph, 1,800 feet, 3 inversions, a drop angle of 90 degrees, a capacity of 600 riders per hour, and a height requirement of 48 inches. This coaster is fast-paced, thrilling, smooth and intense. The theme is California’s State route 1, a famous highway. The trains look an ATV, with handlebars, grille, headlights and a bumper on the front row. Also, there is rock-work, and water above the foot print, and the queue is directly below the coaster. Once in the station, (which looks like a log cabin.) You either get your row assigned (if crowded.) or you can pick. (if short line.) Once you sit in your seat, you pull down your restraint which is unique. It’s a lap bar, but there are like seat-belts that go over your shoulders. I like these, but they hurt your shoulders because the ride is so aggressive.

Aerial View of Railblazer.

Once you roll out of the station, you go up this lift hill, which feels steep, and skinny. Once you are at the top, you dip down and turn to the left, and then you dive into a rock tunnel. You flip up into a wacked-up dive loop, getting airtime at the top. You fly into a twisted airtime hill which is INSANE if your restraint isn’t pushed against you. You have a rapid transition into a turn-around, into a turn, then you dive into a cutback over the station. You fly into a Zero-G Roll, you have one more Over-banked turn, and then you hit the brakes. I love this coaster, and is my current favorite steel coaster. I personally like front row, but back row is nuts. This coaster provides great Positive, Negative, and Lateral G-Forces. So, for it’s final score is a 10/10. Highly recommend this coaster. Until Next time, Bye.

The test seat outside the entrance for RailBlazer.
The restraint slides into the holders, which locks it.