What is the Purpose of Gravity?

Aiden F.

Maybe you wonder something like… Why do we need gravity? I’ll be answering that. The answer to how gravity is created is that Earth’s gravity comes from all of its mass. All its mass makes a combined gravitational pull on all of your body. Another thing is that gravity is basically a bunch of quantum particles that scientists call “gravitons.” Now the reason we need gravity is pretty obvious. But let me get into more depth with it.

Why do we need gravity?

Gravity is very important. We wouldn’t be able to live on planet Earth without it. The Sun’s gravity keeps Earth in orbit around it, but still leaving us at a comfortable position so we can see it’s light, and feel it’s warmth. Gravity holds down the atmosphere and the air we need to breath. That is why gravity is so important. I don’t know what would happen without it.


This concludes “The purpose of gravity.” Maybe you learned something, maybe you didn’t.

Thank You!