Knotts Berry Farm


Jake V., Writer

You may know the amusement park Knotts Berry farm in Orange County California. That amusement park was not always an amusement park, My great grandfather and grandmother, Walter Knott and Cordelia Knott founded the farm. It was originally a berry farm famous for there very own berry, the Boysenberry. It was 1920 when Walter and Cordelia started their business. They sold pies, jam and Boysenberry from a roadside stand beside state route 39 near Buena Park. My grandpa, Steve Knott was handed the company when Walter Knott passed away. Steve Knott decided to sell Knotts Berry Farm for $245 Million dollars by Cedar Fair, an Ohio-based amusement company that is expected to add more thrill rides at the nation’s first theme park so it can better compete against larger rivals. Then Knotts Berry Farm the amusement park opened. In 1940 the amusement park began construction of  a replica of Calico Ghost Town, the park really picked up in 1950. I love going to Knotts berry farm with my friends and my favorite ride is Hang time. That’s  the whole history behind Knotts Berry Farm!