Gold Striker Review: The Sequel. (California’s Great America.)

Gold Striker Review: The Sequel. (California's Great America.)

Devon M.

Note: Footage in the Video is from Great Coasters International, Coaster Source,

Guests start their Gold Striker Experience by boarding a Red and Brown Millennium Flyer Train.
Riders zoom past the queue at 54 Mph.
The Drop wraps around the observation tower, and passes over the entrance and then zooms past the station.

After My trip to Northern California around 2 weeks ago, I can say my opinions on the coasters up North. This is Gold Striker at California’s Great America. This was my second full wooden coaster, along with GhostRider at Knott’s Berry Farm. Since 2014, this coaster has ranked within Top 15 for Golden Ticket Awards best wooden coasters. I can officially say that this coaster is World Class! Today I will run through The stats, elements, pros and cons along with a final score at the end. First, the Stats. Gold Striker stands at 108 feet, with a drop of 103 feet feet, a top speed of 53.7 mph, a drop angle of 50 degrees, a capacity of 850 riders per hour, a G-Force of 4.2, and has a track length of 3,197 feet. This Coaster has a height requirement of 48 inches, so you will see younger kids riding this wooden coaster. The ride has pretty much no theming. It’s themed to the Old West, and the most you would get is the sign, or the station, As their is a voice-over of a prospector telling you how to board the ride. I like these trains, as they are comfortable and spacious. Now, your probably wondering, if I go on this, where do I sit? Well, it depends on the context. If Your doing 1 ride, Back Row. All The Way. If you do, I expect a paycheck in the mail for the great idea. If Your doing Multiple rides, try multiple seats. There’s a reason for this that I’ll get to later. Also, On one of the backs of the cars, the paint job wasn’t correct, which I found hilarious. Normally, It would be red at the top and brown on the bottom. But, There was some red at the top, but mostly brown. Vice Versa with the bottom part of it. I rode Gold Striker 8 times, and got a Zen Ride at one point. A zen ride is where you are by your-self on the train. Now, I must warn dear readers, This coaster is rough. That’s why I said you should do back row, if you are riding this once. But if you want to marathon, ride in the front and back. I, being an Airtime Addict, just went back row for almost every ride. In fact, I thought the ride wasn’t painful or headache inducing, it was just bumpy. Sure, the roughness probably blended with the Intensity. Also, if the line is long, the crew will assign rows. If not, you can pick your row. That’s why I chose back row, because I had to wait just a few minutes for each ride. Now, getting into the ride experience. You roll out of the station, and turn into a tiny dip, two quick bunny hops, and start going up the lift hill. You get some nice views of the park, especially the main plaza as when you enter Great America, you can go straight to go to RailBlazer, and Demon, you can go left, to Flight deck, and if you go right, you are at Gold Striker’s Entrance. Once You Are at the top, you enter the tunnel. Also, I have heard that if you get a ride past 10:00 on Gold Striker the tunnels are pitch black. So, you go down your curving drop. If your in the back, you get whipped over the drop with great force. You don’t really expect to whip you so late. After the drop, you go into this fast banked turn, followed by a drop into another fast banked turn, into a small bunny hill. You twist up to the right, and drop down into a tunnel. After a small hill, you turn to the left, and drop to the right, into a twisting motion. After passing through the structure, you rise over a hill, and turn into a curved descent near the midway. You curve right, into a drop, a small hill and turnaround. You dip down, go up, turn, and your at the brakes. This coaster is fast, and intense. This is an aggressive ride. If you don’t like fast and aggressive, well, the Merry-Go Round is about a hundred yards away. This is a coaster you want to put your hands up on. So, For it’s Final Score, I am giving Gold Striker a 10. I don’t even care about the roughness. If you can get past it, this is the best ride in the park. Fortunately, I got past it. Until Next Time, I will see you in the next one.

Gold Striker’s drop wraps around the park’s observation tower. Also, The reason there is a tunnel on Gold Striker’s drop, is for Noise Reasons.