CRA Middle School Garden


Sofi O., Joel B. , Lilliana S., Sullivan B., and Gwen M.


Before last year the garden consisted of stone garden beds, no tables or seating, and unshaded areas. The garden area used to be overgrown and unkempt. The 7th grade class of 2018-2019 designed a new plan to renovate the garden. They designed a Middle School Area, new garden beds, and an array of seating areas. The process of this took a lot of time and hard work. The garden is now updated and ready for more renovations. 



  • Seating
  • Shade/poles for shade
  • New garden beds



The garden has evolved over time from an overgrown mess contained in fences to a beautiful thriving paradise in the center of our school. When we first moved to the campus, you could barely open the gate. With the help of volunteers, it took a whole day just to clear the pads. Over time, the grades created new beds, and added better plans that enrich the environment. By adding plants like tomatoes and lettuce the wild animals were sustained. Rabbits and gophers eat some of the tomatoes and gave back by contributing with their droppings. To conclude, the garden has transformed from an overgrown mess to an environment of given back. 


Now the garden has a calming presence with many new features that makes the garden a fun and safe place for kids at CRA. Kids now eat lunch in the garden and have a hangout time in the morning. The garden now is used more frequently compared to before. Every time at lunch. The garden now has benches and tables to eat or just talk to your friends.