5th Grade Run for The Arts


Jake V. and Aiden F.

We interviewed the 5th grade about how they liked the Run For The Arts this year. First, we interviewed Eli, Avery, Ella, and Elizabeth in Ms. Hsu’s class. Ms. Hsu’s class flair was neon. They loved the smoothies and the free stuff you could win on the blacktop. They enjoyed their experience with running, smoothies, and prizes. They liked saying hi to their siblings when they passed by. They thought it was better than last year’s Run For The Arts. The students wanted to buy bagels. Next, we interviewed Gabriel, Luke H., Xavier, Luke O., and Mazi from Ms. Cho’s class. They support turtles. They had the 80’s flair, and they loved smoothies. Some of them liked the obstacle course more and some liked running more. They liked this year’s Run For The Arts the same as last year. Then we interviewed the final class, Ms. Igarashi’s class. We interviewed Will, Elliot, and Annie. Their class was also neon flair and one of their favorite parts was stopping for a drink of water. They also liked the smoothies, the cool free things that you could win, and Annie thought it could use some doughnuts. That’s all we got from the 5th graders. It looked like they had a fun time at this year’s Run For The Arts!