Cannibal, The In-House Coaster at Lagoon: Featuring my Brother, Trevor


Devon M.

This review is going to be done by my brother, Trevor. Take it away!

Ahh yes, Cannibal. An in-house work of art. Located at Lagoon in Farmington, Utah, this incredibly steep coaster is the highlight attraction, right after Wicked. Let’s get started. This takes you 208 feet by an elevator lift, enclosed in a tower. It’s the only elevator lift in the world in a tower. Once you crest to the top, you slowly crawl through a few feet of track, then take a stop right in front of the drop… Then you look down and question your life decisions. And now, you eject out of your seat on the world’s tallest beyond vertical drop. Right after you plunge the drop, you quickly gain the speed of 70 mph at the bottom, into a massive Immelmann, into another massive element, known as a dive loop. Right after that, you plunge into an airtime moment of -0.5 g. Next, you head over an overbanked turnaround. Now what I think is interesting is, you go behind the lift tower, into the mid-course brake run. A few moments later, you go through a 90-degree turn into one of the most obscure elements of all time, a lagoon roll. You do a slow-motion roll to the left, then at around 60 or 65 degrees close through the Slo-Mo roll, you quickly go the other direction going right back through the roll again the other way. Now, once you finish that, you go into a helix, then another helix, through an awesome looking artificial island with water. Then another pop of airtime and into the final brake run.

Stats: The angle of descent is 116 degrees, the G force is 4.2, the amount of inversions is 4, the length of track is 2,735 feet, the ride time is 2m 30s, the number of trains and passengers are 7 trains with 12 per train, the top speed is 70 exactly, and it has…. lap bars…. yup.

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you guys learned something new.

Trevor, Devon’s brother.