Why Do I Consider GhostRider “Legendary?”


Devon M.

Brave Riders shoot out of the drop at 56 mph.
GhostRiders New Millennium Flyer Trains enter the station.

If you saw my last post, you would know that GhostRider is my favorite roller coaster. Why do I consider this? In this post, I will tell you why. First, starting with a smaller thing, the theme. The theme: I like a good old west theme. Ghostrider nails this. Normally, Cedar Fair, (The Company that owns Knott’s) hardly themes their rides. GhostRider is an exception, however. Brave Riders start by going through an abandoned mine-shaft. You pass the coaster, and head into a barn. After a set of stairs, you are in the station, but not before going through a bit more of the line. It’s well-executed, and great. The Ride Experience: GhostRider is Incredibly Out-Of-Control, and I LOVE it. After going up a lift hill, you go over a semi-enclosed drop. It has a roof over the drop, and if you are in the back, you are out of your seat the whole way down. After that, you shoot to the left, over a hill, and turnaround. Then, the rest of the ride is filled with not-so banked turns, airtime hills, and 1 or 2 small straight sections. One of those is actually where a mid-course brake run used to be. If you are in the back row, the drop after the turnaround is insane. The presentation: Some people don’t care about this, but the ride is intimidating to look at. You know when you see the massive structure, and the sick millennium flyer trains zipping everywhere, you know you’re in for a wild ride. When Big Thunder Mountain is called “The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness,” I think that title belongs to the wooden coaster just ten minutes down the road. The smoothness: Before 2016, GhostRider was considered very rough. However, during 2015, GhostRider was re-tracked by the folks over at GCI, the people who made Gold Striker at California’s Great America in Northern California. Now, the ride is as smooth as butter. The night ride: This ride is at it’s prime after 9:00. I once rode this at 10:30 at night in the third to back row. I confirmed from that day, this was my number one roller coaster I’ve ridden. The comfort: When GCI re-tracked the coaster in 2015-2016, they added new millennium flyer trains to the ride. These are easily my favorite trains of coasters that I’ve ridden. They look high quality, and they are super comfortable.

Well, that wraps this post up. Until next time, bye!