..::’Fortnite Chapter 2′::..


Aiden F.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is here! This is a big update, that brings us back to season 1, and I’m here to tell you it all!

A Whole New Map

Fortnite Chapter 2 includes a lot of new things, but the biggest is the new map. This new map features 13 new places. Something new about the Fortnite map is that you’ll need to discover new places to collect new landmarks and see them on the map.

New Water-Based Fun

In Fortnite, you can now swim and ride boats around the lakes and other water sources around the map! You can now also grab a fishing rod, or find one in a chest, and fish for fish and weapons. If you’re unlucky, you might find a rusty old can. Either way, the new things you can do with water are a great addition to Fortnite Chapter 2.

Be A Better Teammate

You can now help your squad with the new Bandage Bazooka. All you do is shoot it at you or a teammate and they get instant health. You can now carry knocked out teammates to a safe place to be healed. You can also now celebrate wins with your teammate with the new group emote, “High Five”

Up-gradable Weapons

You can now enhance your weapons power with the new weapon upgrade benches. Now it’s not just about getting good weapons, but UPGRADING good weapons.

New Blue Chests

You can now find more rare weapons easily without having to upgrade them. Even though they look way more rare, they are not too hard to find, so keep your eyes peeled!


With these new additions go out and have fun in “Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 2”