Top Ten Rides at Knott’s Berry Farm! My Favorite Theme Park!


Devon M.

Knott’s Berry Farm is my personal favorite theme park I’ve ever been to. It has great theming, entertainment, food, and of course, thrill rides. So, today, I will countdown the top 10 rides at Knott’s Berry Farm.

10. Sky Cabin.

Sky Cabin is a nice long ride that gives you great views of the entire park, and also outside the park. This is because the location is on a large city block.


9. Jaguar.

Jaguar is a nice scenic ride. It starts with a lift into a shallow drop and turns through the park. This is not for the thrill-seekers, but for Little Timmy, and his Grandma.


8. Pony Express.

If you’ve never experienced a roller coaster launch and would like to try one out, head over to Ghost Town to ride Pony Express. This tame launch coaster starts with a launch, into a turn, over a hill rising above the station, a few twists, a turnaround covered by a tunnel, into the brakes. The Restraints are unique as well, as you feel like you ride a pony while on the coaster. Although, it did hurt my back a bit.


7. Calico River Rapids.

Recently, this rapids ride was redone and is much better now. The journey starts as a calm ride with small dips, and animatronics. Once you keep going, things get more chaotic with interactive elements like TNT that non-riders can set off to send more water on the guests. Be warned, however, you will get wet!


6. Montezooma’s Revenge.

Montezooma’s Revenge is the oldest coaster at the park, and still holds up today as a smooth and fun ride! It’s a sentimental favorite of mine, as it was one of my first looping roller coasters. The ride starts with a bang, as you launch out of the station and go through a loop, up a large spike, and then use gravity to get through the loop backward, through the station, and up the last spike, before hitting the brakes. I suggest the back row, as you go up the highest on the back spike.

Montezooma’s Revenge was made as an ACE Coaster Landmark in 2018.


5. Voyage to the Iron Reef.

The Highest Ranked Non-Coaster is my number 5. It’s Voyage to the Iron Reef. This ride is very fun, and the shooting aspect adds a layer of competition to the ride. You start by boarding a submarine and going underwater. Then, mechanical sea creatures such as fish, cray, puffer-fish, and even an octopus start attacking, and you need to stop them. Here, you shoot to win. Also, the ride uses 3-D glasses to enhance the ride.

Riders fight off the Octopus.


4. Silver Bullet.

Opening in 2004, Silver Bullet is a coaster that looks intimidating at first, but when you ride it, it’s a ton of fun. As riders go up a lift hill, they get a great view of the park. You go down the drop, (basically, just a downward turn.) Before you can say the name of the coaster, you are flipped upside down in a vertical loop before diving down into a cobra roll. After that, you fly into a zero-gravity roll, into a helix, then into two corkscrews. You dive low to the ground and explode into a forceful helix. Overall, Silver Bullet is a great supporting coaster. I recommend it.


3. HangTime.

The park’s newest roller coaster is the first dive coaster in California. After a vertical lift hill, you hang at the top for ages and then dive down a beyond-vertical drop. You twist into a non-inverting loop, then dive down into an Immelmann. You hit a corkscrew, an over-banked turn, a step down into the cobra roll, and then pop into the brakes. It is a welcoming addition to the park.


2. Xcelerator.

The fastest ride at Knott’s is Xcelerator. The ride was actually the first roller coaster to use a hydraulic launch, and it still holds up today. The ride gets off to a FANTASTIC start with a 0-82 mph launch in 2.3 seconds. I rode it in the front row and I felt the forces in the front row. You then shoot up skywards and are suddenly reminded of the words of Issac Newton, what goes up, must come down. You dive down 200 feet, into 2 over-banked turns, before hitting the brakes. If the ride is actually operating, bolt towards the entrance.


  1. GhostRider.

Finally at the coveted number 1 spot, is GhostRider! The legendary wooden coaster was built in 1998! This coaster is absolutely epic. After boarding your train, you take a U-Turn out of the station, up the lift hill. Once you go down the drop, the wild ride begins as you speed through tons of turns, hills, and drops. Also, a helix at the end which isn’t banked entirely. You will be pinned to the side of the train. For combining a great ride experience, great elements, and a decent theme as well! It’s themed to the old west, and the queue winds past the coaster, mainly the outdoor portion. You start through an abandoned mine-shaft, past the U-Turn of the coaster, into a barn, up a set of stairs, through a station, and then you board your train. You can also see a train going up the lift hill where the operators stand. As of right now, this is my personal favorite roller coaster. Although, Gold Striker and RailBlazer at California’s Great America can rival it for my number 1. For the most fear-inducing and exhilarating ride, ride GhostRider at night in the back row. My personal favorite part of the ride is the drop that kicks off the second half of the ride. If you’re in the back, you fly out of your seat and stay out of it the whole way down. Until next time, bye!