Which Is Better: Mystic Timbers vs The Beast, The King’s Island Wooden Coaster Battle!


Devon M.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion. Your opinion can count as well, just comment which you think is better.

Since 1979, The Beast was the best wooden roller coaster at King’s Island. Since 2017 however, people have constantly debated which Wooden Coaster is Better: Mystic Timbers or  The Beast. In the first-ever coaster battle, I will compare these two coasters. With stats, theme, ride elements, and overall experience.

Mystic Timbers is first up. It stands at 109 feet, with a drop of 98 feet, a top speed of 53 mph, a track length of 3,265 feet, with a duration of 46 seconds, a drop angle of 54 degrees, a capacity of 1,200 riders per hour, and a height requirement of 48 inches (4 feet.)

One of The Drops on Mystic Timbers
One of The Drops on Mystic Timbers.

It’s opponent, The Beast, is 110 feet, has a drop of 141 feet, goes 65 mph, has a track length of a whopping 7,359 feet, a drop angle of 45 degrees, a ride time of 130 seconds, a capacity of 1,200 riders per hour, and a height requirement of 48 inches (4 feet.) Stats wise, The Beast is taller, faster, longer, and bigger.


Theme And Elements:

Mystic Timbers Theme: Haunted Logging Company (Miami River Lumber Company.)

Elements: Curved crop, 16 airtime moments, tunnel over the turnaround, S-curves, double camel-back trick track, and the most famous part of the experience: THE SHED.

The Beast Theme: A Mysterious Creature called “The Beast”

Elements: Turns, helix, drops, 4 tunnels, straight sections, (I know.) 2 chain lifts.

For theme and elements, Mystic Timbers wins by far.

Finally, it’s time for pros and cons.

Mystic Timbers is up first.


Pros: Airtime, S-curves, thrilling, the shed, smooth, excellent night ride, millennium flyer trains. (or trucks!)

Cons: It’s a short ride.


The Beast has its pros and cons.

Pros: Great night ride, nostalgia, intense, tunnels.

Cons: It’s rough and bland.


I have decided for the winner of the first-ever coaster battle to be, Mystic Timbers.

Congratulations, you are the best wooden coaster at King’s Island! Until next time, I will see you in the next post.