2019 Major League Baseball World Series

Jake V., Writer

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It started with the Washington Nationals beating the Cardinals 8-1. Then the Houston Astros beat the New York Yankees 4-1. The Nationals continued to beat the Cardinals until they were out of the World Series. Astros continued to beat the Yankees until Friday, Oct. 18th, when the Yankees beat the Astros. The Nationals were already in the World Series because they beat each team in their league. There was one more game determining who would go to the World Series and who would lose. If the Astros won they would go to the World Series and the Yankees would be out. If the Yankees won, they would play one more game determining who would go to the World Series… The Astros won the final game meaning the Astros would go to the world series and the Yankees have lost meaning they are out! So, the two final teams in the MLB (Major League Baseball) division are the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. The final seven games start tomorrow Oct. 22nd at 5:08 pm. Who would you want to win the World Series? The Washington Nationals? or the Houston Astros?