◊ The First Middle School Social ◊


Kennedy M., Writer

The first 2019 Middle School social was interesting. It had many booths and was pretty well organized. The theme was carnival. The booths were:

Face Painting- This booth was very popular. They had four face painters including Ms. Libo-on and three seventh graders. Everyone was so excited to get their face painted there was a line for almost the whole time. The face painters were very good and gave everyone what they wanted.

Balloon Pop- The balloon pop was fun because it was run by fun Middle School scholars. It was hard because they thought darts were too dangerous so they used sharp pencils. It was very exciting when someone got one because it was challenging but fun.

Bowling- Bowling was fun but they ran out of lollipops because it was kind of easy to knock down the bowling pins with the huge inflatable bowling ball.

Cup Pong- This was interesting because it was always packed. I personally didn’t get to play it because I didn’t want to wait in the line, but some of my friends said it was cool. I think it was if you bounce a ping pong ball into a plastic cup (sksk save the turtles, Am I right?) you get a prize.

Snack Bar- The snack bar had quite a lot of snacks and water. They had a bunch of chips and pretzels. They also pulled out the cotton candy maker in the middle of the social. The water ran out pretty fast in the beginning but they were smart and bought more than they thought they needed. The snacks weren’t very popular but they still were mostly eaten.

Fighting Bubbles- They had fighting bubbles, yes I mean you and your friend can fight each other in blue bubbles so you can’t get hurt. This was always popping, it had a huge line the whole time. I think this one was very popular too. They blew up two blue bubbles that you put on (they kind of looked like blue grapes) but it seemed fun.

Chalk Boards- The chalkboards were black papers hung up on the wall ball courts. They were filled so quickly. Everyone filled them with vines and memes. It was such a good idea to have there, especially because the chalk looked cool against the black paper.

The overall social was pretty fun. There were some things that could be better but nothing is perfect. It was a cool idea to make the theme carnival and have all of the games there. I did also like that our 6th-period history got to help set up. I also liked how the student council hosted it.