Childhood Flashbacks


Bridget B. and Nicole B.

As people grow, we tend to forget certain memories. Although they may not seem significant or important, it is fun to look back and remember. This year the 8th-grade classes are graduating and, as an 8th grader myself, here are some childhood toys, shows, games, songs, and other memories some fellow 8th graders remember.

1: Polly Pockets 

Polly Pockets were just like Barbies, but less well known. They were tons of children’s dreams; a doll small enough to fit in your pocket, with tons of different matching outfits and styles. They were perfect for playing in the dollhouse and having a tea party. If you ever owned a Polly Pocket, you have probably lost one as they are the perfect size of doll to lose and go missing.

2: Squinkies

You can’t just have one Squinkie, there are too many different animals with so many colors and patterns. The Target checkout and Chuck E Cheese were the perfect hot spot to find these choking hazardous toys. Squinkies were fun to collect and are extremely cute.

3: Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba taught children important lessons with songs like “Don’t Bite Your Friends” and “Party in my Tummy.” Honestly, kids shows are still amusing no matter how old you get.

4: Pinkalicious 

In both books and TV shows, Pinkalicious caught the attention of many kids, whether you collected all of the Pinkalicious books, like Greenalicious, Goldilicious, Purplelicious, and much more. You might have also watched the Pinkalicious show.

5: Club Penguin

I’d like a moment of silence for a lost soul, Club Penguin. In recent years, we have lost the love of our lives, the online website where kids fulfill their penguin dreams. Unfortunately, in 2017, Club Penguin shut down, never to return. Thanks to fans of the game, the game has been reuploaded and returned to its original and well-loved state. 

6: Minecraft

Minecraft was every kid’s childhood. Now the game has regained its popularity, which was lost years ago. Minecraft is a chill and relaxing game enjoyed by all ages. With constant updates, the game has evolved with the generations who grew up with it. The school newspaper also shows many stories and writings under the new Gaming category. 

Special tributes 

A special tribute to Strawberry Shortcake, Hot Wheels, Peppa Pig, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Silly Bands, Finding Nemo, Magic Schoolbus, Bubble Guppies, Orbeez, Barney, Minion Rush, Subway Surfers, Rainbow Looms, Jessie, Wizards of Waverly Place, Girl Meets World, Liv and Maddie, Sofia the First, and many more.

If there are any other childhood shows, games, etc, then comment so we can see what we missed.