The Voyage: The Massive Wooden Coaster at Holiday World.


Devon M,

The Voyage returning to the station.

Yep, 4 reviews in one day! So, I’m going to be talking about The Voyage at Holiday World in Indiana. I’m going to go through the stats, ride elements, and give this a final score at the end. First the stats. The Voyage is 159 feet, has a drop of 154 feet, goes 67 mph, has a drop angle of 66 degrees, has a whopping 6,442 feet of track, a ride duration of 101 seconds, a capacity of 1,200 riders per hour. The Voyage doesn’t really have a theme. It’s themed to a Pilgrimage, but there is no signs of a theme. Once you get into the station, you board your trains, pull down your lap bar, and depart from the station into the lift hill. Once at the top, you dive into a valley, and rise up into a large hill. After going down again, you turn slightly with the next hill, and dive into tunnel, after tunnel. After a smaller hill that leads into a tunnel, you enter the spaghetti bowl section. This part of the ride is very compact and focuses on banked turns. After coming out of the tunnel, you turn left into a short hill, and go into a 90 degree banked turn, into another 90 degree banked turn. After that, you dive down into a tunnel and pop into the mid-course brake-run. Then, you drop down into triple down encased into a tunnel, and pop up into a hill. The ride maneuvers 3 hills, an S-Curve, a 90 degree banked turn before passing over a hill, then over the lift hill, into a short twister section, into the brakes. Overall, I would enjoy this coaster, since it’s my type of ride. Lots of turns, Hills, tunnels, you name it. So, I will give this coaster a 9.5/10. I recommend it you go to Holiday World. Until Next time, Bye!