El Toro: A World Class Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.


Devon M,

Today’s review is about the one, the only, El Toro. Today I will go through the stats, ride experience and give this coaster a score at the end. First, The stats. El Toro is a whopping 181 feet, (which would look enormous, if it wasn’t located next to the tallest coaster in the world.) with a drop of 176 feet, a top speed of 70 mph, a drop angle of 76 degrees, a track length of 4,400 feet, a ride duration of 59 seconds, a capacity of 1500 riders per hour, and a height requirement of 48 inches. El Toro is the main attraction of the “Plaza Del Carnaval” section of the park, and El Toro is Spanish for “The Bull.” So, Once you get into the station, you pull down your lap bar, and turn left 180 degrees. Then you go up a cable lift hill, which is the only wooden coaster that uses it. Once at the top, you turn-around and go down the insane first drop. After leveling out at the bottom, you are sent flying into 2 camel-back hills, into a turnaround. After another hill, you are sent through yet another hill, turnaround again, and go through “The Rolling Thunder Hill.” This is a hill where a piece of Rolling Thunder (A coaster that used to operate at the park but was demolished.) where going over the hill, is rumored to pull -2 g-force, and everything in your body will be sent flying to your brain if you brace yourself. Then, you dive and go into lots of rapid banked turns, turnaround and pop into the brakes. Overall, I’m really excited for this coaster, so I would rate it a 10/10. Until Next Time, Bye!