Hydrus: A Pier Roller Coaster at New Jersey’s Casino Pier.



Devon M,

Hydrus is a Steel roller coaster at Casino Pier in New Jersey. Today, I will go through the stats and give this a final score at the end. First, the stats. Hydrus has a height and drop of 72 feet, goes 45 mph, a track length of 1,050, a drop angle of 97 degrees, a ride duration of 22 seconds, and 3 inversions. Hydrus is apparently themed to a constellation of the same name. So, you enter the station, and you go into the front row, or the second row, since their are only two rows for this coaster. After you leave the station, you take a left hand turn into a vertical lift hill. Once at the top, you plunge down, and go through a vertical loop. After leveling out you go through a cutback, you go up, and turnaround again into a heart-line roll, turn, and pop into the brakes. For what this ride packs in, I’m impressed. Overall, this is a solid addition, so I will give this an 8/10. Until Next time, Bye!