Lightning Rod! A Wooden Coaster at DollyWood in Tennessee


Devon M,

The Quad-Down on Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod. Ah yes, one legend of a structure. Especially that Quad-Down. Today I will go through all the stats, elements of this beast of a coaster. First, the stats. You can find this coaster at Dolly-Wood in Tennessee. Lightning Rod is 207 feet tall, with a drop of 165 feet, a speed of 73 mph, a max drop angle of 73 degrees, a track length of 3,800 feet, a height requirement of 48 inches, and a ride duration of 53 seconds. Lightning Rod is themed to the 1950’s with a hot rod outside the station, and the trains which is designed to look light a large hot rod with its trains. The queue also looks like a gas station with a mechanic inside and lots of stats about cars. Once you get into the station (if the ride hasn’t broken down yet) you are going to pull down your lap bar, that has shin guards, and bars you can grab onto if your scared. These also appear on the previously reviewed Twisted Timbers at King’s Dominion. So, you roll out of the station and accelerate up a launch. Yes, this is a wooden launch coaster. So, you launch up 20 stories, and dip down into the ride’s main drop. Once you level out at the bottom, you are sent into a large wave turn. If you’ve been on Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City, you know what this is. After diving down, you go into a Twist and Shout. This is where you bank one way, and bank 90 degrees the other way. You take a U-turn and go into a outer-banked hill, into a Double-up. After this you end the ride with a bang, with the Legendary Quad-Down. The Quad-down is four consecutive downwards slopes, all while zig-zagging down the mountain. After the 4th slope, you have your on ride photo, and a turnaround into the brakes. If you are ever in Tennessee, make your way to this park ASAP. You Don’t want to miss this. I would rate it a 10/10. Until Next time, Bye!