Sea Otters


Jake V., Writer

Otters are the cute fluffy sea mammals you see in funny videos or pictures, but do otters have a dark side? An otter is an aquatic animal that can live in the ocean, lakes, or rivers. Otters are very cute, but they can be dangerous. The otter is related to the wolverine which has a tendency to be not the friendliest animal. Otters have a powerful bite and sharp teeth, you would not want to disturb an otter when they are eating. Otters’ most commonly eaten fish are perch, suckers, and catfish. Otters are most vicious when they are eating. I suggest not even be near them when they are eating. Once, otters attacked a drowning dog in St. Petersburg, and sadly nobody was there to help and the dog died :(.  Sea Otters are being endangered because the Great White Sharks are eating them. Sea Otters are being protected by the Endangered Species Act and Mammal Protection Act.