Der Schwur Des Karnan: An Infinity Coaster in Germany! (Spoilers)

Devon M., Writer

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Der Schwur Des Karnan or, “The Oath of Karnan,” in English, is a highly praised coaster from people around the world. Today, I will go through the stats, experience and give it a final score at the end. First, the stats. Karnan stands at 240 feet tall, with a drop of 220 feet, a top speed of 79 mph, a track length of 4,052 feet, 1 inversion, and a 90-degree drop. You have to be at least 51 inches to ride. The queue of Karnan is elaborately themed. It is themed to a tower in Sweden named Karnan. A long time ago, a king ruled a place in Sweden and asked his builder to make an Unconquerable Fortress. The builder, and many other people, wanted to see the king’s reign end, so the builder cast a spell on the fortress, told the king to recite a spell, and the king’s soul slowly left his body and entered the fortress.  The fortress was then unconquerable from that day on. Once you board the train and pull down your lap bar, you exit the station and go up the lift hill. Once you hit the top, you drop and turn right and shoot out the bottom of the castle, and what happens is, you are blinded, because you spent so much time indoors your eyes adjusted to the darkness in the castle. Then, you twist up into what is like a Sea-Serpent roll, but you don’t go upside down. After this, you drop down into an overbanked turn, into a Stengel dive, into the second half of the ride which is really low to the ground, like, 5 feet above the ground. From here on out, the rest of the ride turns, S-Curves, hills,  and then you hit the brakes. After you hit the brakes, you go into your only inversion and then re-enter the station. Now, I’m going to talk about the unique parts about Karnan, so, if you DON’T want spoilers, skip to the end. Alright, the first thing is that you can’t pick your row. What I mean is that someone doesn’t choose your row, It is randomly assigned by a light pattern, right before the station. So, your reaction can be like, “Yay! We got the front! Wahoo!” because from what I’ve heard, the front row is the best row. Or, you will probably be like, “Aw Man. I wish we were in the front.” Also, the ride’s camera is when you hit the brakes. I will now discuss the trick up Karnan’s sleeve, so, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. When you are going up the lift hill, you stop. Almost every first-time rider will probably be like, “Wait, did the ride just break down?” But, the music keeps on going and you stay there for about a minute and, when you least expect it, (This is so messed up), the coaster DROPS YOU DOWN THE LIFT HILL AND CATCHES YOU AT THE BOTTOM. If you didn’t know this, you would get so scared, it’s THAT surprising. So, for Der Schwur Des Karnan’s Final score, I am giving this coaster a 10/10. If you are in Europe, in Germany, book yourself a ticket to Hansa Park and go ride this. Until next time, bye!