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Kennedy M., Writer

Minecraft is coming out with Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft Dungeons is like a Minecraft version of Dungeon Crawlers.

It is an all-new action and adventure packed game, which is actually inspired by dungeon crawlers. It is going to have all new updates and fun gameplay. You can battle new mobs in this fun adventure gameplay. You can also play with up to four of your friends and fight together. Also, you get to unlock many unique items and weapon enchantments for special attacks. You can also explore treasure-filled levels and defeat the evil boss. You have multiple options, like specializing your character, and then fighting with interesting weapons and heavy shielded armor. This game is actually the first stand-alone game made by Mojang since Minecraft. In the spring of 2020, you can get Minecraft dungeons on PC, Nintendo switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox game pass. Just wait and you all can have this amazing new video game to play in your free time.