Minecon Updates and Announcements


Izzie M., Writer

Hey Gamers!

Today, September 28th, was Minecon live!  We are just gonna give you a quick overview of everything that happened!

Winning Biome

The winning Biome was Mountains so get ready for a new update! It will include: Goats, (Mountain Goats) snowier snow xd, jagged cliffs, snowcapped peaks and dramatic views

Minecraft Earth

We have learned that Minecraft Earth is rolling into town this October, so get ready to experience a whole new world of Minecraft!

Minecraft Festival

Next year In Orlando Florida they are having a 3-day first-ever Minecraft festival! (From September 25th to the 27th) Expect interactive exhibits, inclusive gameplay, fierce tournaments, intense live entertainment, exclusive merchandise, creativity-sparking panels, the opportunity to meet your favorite content creator or even the Mojang developer!

Minecraft Builders and Biomes

“Move over chess,” Tom Stone says because Minecraft is launching their first-ever board game! Minecraft Builders and Biomes let you explore the overworld, mine rare resources, build amazing structures and even collect weapons to defeat the mobs that are lurking around! Build cleverly and fight your best to earn the most experience points and win the game!

Honey Blocks 

Yay, bees and now honey blocks what more could we ask for! We know have the tastiest block ever in Minecraft! Just make sure not to step on them because they will dramatically decrease your jump height, and probably make you have sticky feet! Coming soon.

Creator Tools

Here is one of the amazing tools one of the people from the Minecraft community has created!

Editor Stick – Used to used to edit things in-game for example, rotating an already placed sign, or making crops fully grown!

They are also announcing Data-Driven Player Rendering were players will be able to use these new scripting tools to completely replace what a player looks like in the game. Before you could use skins to change textures on a player, but with this feature, creators will now be able to replace the animations, particle effects or add the custom render effects to the players in-game! Data-Driven Player Rendering will be available to players in a future update.

Realms Plus

Minecraft realms is their monthly service that lets up to 10 friends play Minecraft together in their own realm! With Realms Plus, you still get access to a 10-player Realm for you and your friends, but you’ll also receive more than 50 pieces of content from the Minecraft Marketplace at no extra cost! They will be adding a new Marketplace content to your Realms Plus subscription every month, and they will have more details to share about this soon.

Character Creator and Bedrock Capes

If you play the Bedrock Beta on windows 10, Xbox One, and android then you may have already have used character creator! This will be coming to Minecraft on Bedrock platforms, like Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, and Minecraft Earth. This handy new tool also means that capes will be coming to Minecraft Bedrock platforms for the first time! The first cape available will be the Founder’s Cape, which will launch later this fall for a limited time. This pack is free for a limited time, so go download it now and don’t miss out!

The Nether Update 

Minecraft is updating the Nether yet again! Or let me say that again, Minecraft is getting a new update which is focusing on one thing, the Nether!

New Biome: Soulsand Valley 

We are welcoming a new biome, one full of fog and blue flames, and ominous gigantic fossils everywhere. Get hyped for this barren wasteland that can’t wait for you to risk a visit…


New Biome: Netherwart Forest Red 

A dense forest with swirling particles and dense atmosphere deliberately made by our meanest level designers to make you get lost!


New Biome: Netherwart Forest Blue 

Like the Netherwart forest red but this time its… blue! But it also has new blocks, for example, watch your step for that twisty new Nether Fungi covering the ground. Despite the dangers of these new Nether biomes, Minecraft does this update to make the Nether more accessible (albeit still a dangerous place to live!) But you’ll be able to build a base there, respawn there, and even find food!


New Mob: Piglin Beast 

Meet the Piglin Beast, the tusked little terror that’s Minecraft’s newest hostile mob! It can be bred as a source of food in the Nether


New Mob: Piglins 

Minecraft has renamed the Zombie Pigmen to Zombified Piglins, and we’re introducing a new hostile mob to Minecraft, the Piglins! Piglins live in the Nether and are hostile to you and most other mobs. You can also find small fortifications they’ve built in the Nether, called bastions. Piglins are constantly on the hunt for gold, which is something you can use to your advantage. Wear gold armor and the Piglins will ignore you unless you start rifling through their chests, then you should prepare for a Piglin battle! Want to be more of a Piglin pacifist? It’ll be possible to trade with Piglins, but don’t expect the same experience as trading with villagers.


New Block: Target Block

Not completely related to the theme of this new update Minecraft has given us, but a brand new block designed for Redstone enthusiasts! Shoot the block with an arrow, and it’ll emit a Redstone signal, the closer your arrow to the bullseye on the Target Block, the stronger the emitted signal.