._+Guy Rushes into War Zone to Save Standard Cats+_.


Izzie M., Writer

Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel traveled to Kafr Nabil, a town in Syria that was recently hit by airstrikes with one goal in mind, which was to rescue cats! Before the event began, many residents were able to flee the scene but unfortunately, some cats were left stranded. During this time, many former pets had left to flee with feral cats. Abidin said, “Some of them approached the team, they probably knew we brought food. These were easy to catch. We set trap cages for others with food inside to lure them. It’s not a quick job. We have to wait nearby to drop the cage doors.” So far the team had 83 cats that were relocated to the house of cats Ernesto. There they will have 3 meals a day, access to fresh water and the care of everyone at Ernesto’s paradise! They will return every day despite the danger to rescue more cats. The sanctuary and its people are always in danger since they are in a war zone, they even had to flee with the cats at one point, but they still do it for the cats! They also work hard to rescue dogs, horses, rabbits, and other animals.

“This is what we do,” Abidin said. “If there is any chance we can save an animals life, we will be there”