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Do you want the best fictional pet you can ever have? Do you want something that is cute, friendly and eccentric? You should get yourself a CatBug! If you have no idea what a CatBug is, then here you go! CatBug is a fictional character from a TV show (Bravest Warriors), CatBug is a cute Cat with ladybug wings on his back. You’re too lazy to make your own food? CatBug has got you covered! CatBug can make any meal.  (CatBug specializes in making lasagna.) CatBug only comes in one color, blue. CatBug is a mixture of a blue cat and a ladybug. He has a head of a cat, white eyes and no nose. He has a round, chubby body with small legs and no tail. He has red elytra (wing-covers) with six black spots like a ladybug and four translucent wings. CatBug is the most perfect fictional pet for any family! Thank You 😀