+Minecraft Diamonds+


Kennedy M., Writer

Minecraft diamonds are very popular because not only are they rare they have so many practical uses. Diamonds look like coal but blue and shiny. They are also one of the most rewarding gems to find.

How to Mine Diamonds- You fist need the right tools so you can actually get the diamonds. You need a iron pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe. If you use a wood, stone ,or golden pickaxe you will just mine through the diamond ore and no diamonds would get produced.

How to Find Diamonds-  Diamond ore appears only between layers 1-16 but its most abundant layer is 12. To be safe while mining diamonds try to avoid the layers 4-10 because lava tends to be on those layers. All you have to do is stay on top of those layers and you won’t be burnt and lose the diamonds you have already found.

Caves- You can sometimes find some diamond ore in cave systems. Caves can be massive or small. The small caves you have to be careful because you don’t know what you are running into. You also have to have torches so you can actually see in the darkness of the cave. The larger caves tend to have lots of visibility so it is easier to search for diamonds.

Mining Methods- There are so many mining methods but there are three main methods. There is the staircase method which involves making a long staircase down into the world until you run into any good ore. Another method is the branching out method, this way is an effective way that covers a lot of area to find diamonds. The last popular method is the strip mining method, this method involves mining everything to find rare ores, which is very boring and takes up a lot of time.