Why I’m Excited for Mystic Timbers, A King’s Island Roller Coaster

Devon M., Writer

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Mystic Timbers is a wooden roller coaster at Ohio’s King’s Island. (No, I’m not going there soon.) This coaster proves that you don’t have to be really tall or fast to be amazing. I mean, just look at the stats! 109 feet tall, 98-foot drop, 3,265 feet of track, 53 mph, and has a rider output of 1200 riders per hour. Not very impressive stats, but It’s going to be amazing. To ride it, you have to 48 inches. It lasts for about 46 seconds. It’s short but sweet. It’s the experience. When you walk up to the plaza where it is, you see all this stuff resembling a drive-in theater. There’s a billboard with the logo on it, and you are going to walk under the sign that says, “Miami River Lumber Co.” You can also hear the people saying the words, “Don’t go in the shed,” hinting to the shed at the end of the ride. I will not give any spoilers to what is in the shed, so, If you want to know, just look it up on YouTube, or Google. When you enter the station, you take a seat in a truck-themed Millennium Flyer train, just like the one you see on Ghost-Rider. Now, with the ride experience. You turn right out of the station, enter a bunny hop, and go up the lift hill. At first, it’s going to go slow, because there is no ride audio on the lift hill! So, security says and I quote, “Hey! Hey! I see you up there! What do you think you’re doing? This is security. Seriously, guys, you need to take that truck and go home to your video games. This place is not safe.” Then, the chain speeds up until the top of the hill, where he says, “Whatever you do, DON’T go in the shed.” Then you go into the drop, and you notice is that this ride is VERY smooth. You pass over the lift hill, and go into the woods, going into what is called the “Extreme Quadruple S-Turn.” You turn around through a tunnel, through more hills, into the “Double Camel-back Trick Track,” which is where you go to a hill, bank right, bank left, and bank right again into the final brakes. Then, you go through the shed (No Spoilers, go look it up) and into the station. Overall, I’m VERY excited to ride this. And, I’m out!