Kennedy M., Writer

Chinchillas are cute, small rodents. That are so interesting because you can’t take care of them like any other animal. You have to take care of them very specifically. They are so cute and so much fun to play around with.

How to Take Care of Chinchillas- They are very different to take care of. You have to bathe them in specific chinchilla dust. You can find it at Petco or any other pet care place. Their diets are particular to what they can eat and what they can die from.

Chinchilla Diets- Their diets consists of:

  • Chinchilla pellets
  • limited amounts of fruits and veggies
  • need Timothy hay
  • chlorine-free water, changed daily
  • don’t feed chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and high fat treats

Housing- Chinchillas are used to room temperature which means they can’t survive easily in 80 degrees.  Their habitat also shouldn’t be in direct sunlight or a drafty area. Chinchillas like to jump and play so a multi-tiered habitat would be the best, but they can survive in a regular habitat with enough room for them to be comfortable. They should always have 1-2″ of bedding. They also have a fragile rib cage so you have to hold and take care of them gently.

Hygiene- Chinchillas have to be taken care of very specifically.

  • give them a dust bath twice a week. then remove the dust after 15 to 30 minutes. then you can brush their fur with a soft brush.
  • avoid your chinchilla getting wet or else they will get sick and maybe die
  • you don’t have to clean their teeth because they are born with white teeth but after time their teeth become yellow naturally

If you follow this guide they will stay healthy and as long as you buy them toys and play with them, gently, then they will be one of the most fun pets you could one.