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Breed – Blue German Shepherd

Gender – Female

Instagram page – @wild.pawz (https://www.instagram.com/wild.pawz/)

Tricks – Paw, Shake, lay down, sit (working on roll over)

Age- 1

Likes – Belly Rubs, Dog Treats, playing with her best friend Rocky, Running around!

Xirah is a 1-year-old blue German Shepherd, she has lived one year of her life being a crazy puppy. She loves to run around the house with her best friend Rocky playing tug a war and catching the ball! We got her from a lady who was sick and couldn’t take care of her anymore, and boy has she grown since then! She is now 50 pounds! She’s always there for you and loves when you rub her belly, Xirah will flop down next to you and stay with you for hours! She loves running around in the grass (especially when it is wet) and enjoys meeting new people. She will jump on you and give you a hug. She is a great companion and is one of the best dogs I could ever ask for! Much love to my pup Xirah!