Middle School Spirit Week!

Madison M.

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On June 3rd, marked the beginning of our annual middle school spirit week! This is an event our student council has worked on for the past two years, to give the middle school students something to look forward to at the end of each year. Every day a new “spirit” is given to the students to dress up! If you are reading this and spirit has not ended, feel free to dress up! This is only for middle schoolers and you must stay in dress code. Please dress corresponding to the correct day.


  • Twin/Fav Color Day -Monday 6/3


Forget June Gloom! Dress from head to toe in your favorite color, or “twin-it” with your friends and wear matching clothes!


  • Decades Day- Tuesday 6/4


Hop in a time machine that’ll take you back in any decade of your choice! The only rule is you have to dress the part too! Whether it be the 20s, 50s, 70s, or 90s, or anything in between, the choice is up to you!


  • Tropical day- Wednesday 6/5


As the days get hotter, let’s pretend we’re living the island life here at CRA! Come dressed in your best island gear, but leave the flip flops at home!


  • Pattern Day- Thursday  6/6


Time to put on your stripes, spots, and animal prints for pattern day! The goal is to wear as much patterns as you can (without looking “too crazy”)!


  • Character/Cosplay Day – Friday 6/7


Summer is the season of binge-watching your favorite series and reading your favorite books! Show some true fan spirit and dress as your favorite movie, book, anime, or series character!