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Kayla B.

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The monsters are real

they live in your head

even though they once lived under your bed


I know they will hurt you

that’s just what they do

but don’t you worry, there’s more than a few


They lie, they punish, they intrude, they tug

and no one is there to give you a hug


The battles with your monsters, you must fight alone

because they will leave you vacant, like nobody’s home

it’s all in your mind, and none of it’s real

but they will hurt you and hurt you until you can’t feel


One day the pain will become too much

but you can’t give up until you have had enough


The monsters are thoughts that run through your mind

they are harsh, cruel, and violent, and only rarely kind


Just remember, It’s never okay to stop trying

even though I know you feel like dying.


Things That Are Said, Although Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

“Teens always on their phones”

Well that’s because they are tired of feeling alone


“Taking too many pictures, posting every selfie”

That’s because they finally feel beautiful and just want to be seen


“Wasting the day glued to technology”

It’s because they need a distraction from the stressful lives they lead

Finally taking the brake that they do, really need.


“Texting friends all day long”
Why is this bad? They’ve done nothing wrong


“Lazy, slow, sleeping in bed”

Maybe that’s because they are always tired

Which is something that remains unsaid


“Never have the energy to do anything”

Maybe it’s because they’re mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted

Of every single thing that is constantly running through their head


“So much drama, every day”

Trust me, they too wish it would all go away


Please give teens a break, they are still young

And sometimes they really just wanna have fun.


The House in My Mind

The doors are locked, the rooms are empty

so many thoughts, the harshness is plenty.


You are all alone, and that is okay

just hang on for another day


These rooms stay locked for a reason

opening these doors would be cold and freezing

What’s behind these doors, you don’t want to know

to let someone in would be too much to show.


The walls whisper so many secrets

but you are the only one that has a key

you are confined and locked in chains, of which you’ll never be free.

The doors are heavy, just like your heart

you are stuck in a room, which you can’t part


Trapped in your mind, day after day

some people come, but none will stay.


Too Young

Too young to know, too young to feel

Too young to be shown the problems that are real


Too small, too innocent, too fragile, too kind

Yet the problems are there, and happiness it still hard to find


With a tiny, frail mind, yet the weight of a boulder

Always with pressure and someone on your shoulder


The weight, the stress, the anxiety, the pain

All of this is temporary, and will not leave a stain


All though these problems seem like a lot

One day they will be nothing, and will bother you not


Never good enough, strong enough, tall enough, and more

These things you will hear, and will hurt you at your core


Just stay strong, live life and have lots of fun

Make the most of things, before you are done.