Top 10 Worst Beaches in O.C., Part 1

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Top 10 Worst Beaches in O.C., Part 1

Canyon G., Nicholas R., and Drew P.

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Top 10 Worst Beaches in Orange County

1. Poche, San Clemente

Poche Beach is located at the city border of San Clemente and the Dana Point community of Capistrano Beach. Poche Beach is a public beach, but it is in front of the private Shorecliffs Beach Club of San Clemente. The Capo Beach homes and beach are both more impressive. However, recently Poche has made headlines after local sewage was spilled into the water. According to OCR, San Clemente’s Poche Beach is a ‘bummer’ no more as one of the state’s dirtiest beaches “The mouth of Poche Creek, as some call the flood channel, is county property located in Dana Point, not San Clemente. But the homes, businesses and homeowner associations that feed urban runoff through storm drains down the channel to Poche Beach are in San Clemente.”


2. Capo Beach, Dana Point

Capistrano Beach is a trashy beach overall. Parts of the walkways are destroyed and the sand is unevenly spread out making it look like it was just hit by a tsunami. On top of that there are no waves and when there are, they all shore break. And finally, it is located next to Doheny which is one of the most polluted beaches in the area so all of that pollution carries on over to capo.


3. Baby Beach, Dana Point

Baby beach is located in the Dana Point harbor. It has many downsides including it is very overpopulated, there is only a small restricted area for people to go in the water, it is very polluted, and there are no waves. The only thing that baby beach is good for is tourists that want to lay down on the beach and do nothing.


4. Main Beach, Laguna Beach

Main Beach is a very overpopulated beach that is located in the middle of Laguna Beach. Even though Laguna is a very nice city, Main each is a large upset. It is filled with tourists and wannabe surfers.


5. Doheny, Dana Point

Although Doheny State Beach is a great beach for all experience levels, it can be very dirty and filled with trash. If you move over to the left of the lifeguard tower the mouth of the sewer goes into the water and can make it very toxic especially during when it rains.