Middle School Advice!

Aberleine M. and Lexi M., Writers and Photographers

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Middle School Advice!

Summer and 5th Grade Graduation is coming soon! Some of CRA’s Middle School students are here to help guide our incoming middle school students!


From Baylie Merkh and Reese Goodwin,
When going into middle school, it is helpful to feel prepared. The first thing to think about when going to middle school is making sure that you are organized. The second thing is to be as friendly as possible to everyone because friends are a great thing to have throughout middle school. Lastly, during your subjects always be on top of your assignments and do your homework.

From Bekah Lacanienta,
For middle school, I reccomend having all supplies ready for class. Even if you are not sure if you need it or not, bring it anyways. Also, don’t date. And my number one piece of advice is to be kind. Even if you are part of a friend group and don’t like it very much, that doesn’t mean you should be negative and talk badly about others. Many projects in middle school require lots of extra time to finish it, especially your passion project. Be prepared. You may not think you need all the time provided, but you do. Get your community service hours done, do your journals, finish your essay ASAP, and make sure you have multiple resources!


These are such amazing suggestions! Hopefully this helps all of the future Middle School Students at CRA!