Season 9 Fortnite

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Season 9 Fortnite

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Season 9 is filled with many new items that are very effective in game play.

The first new weapon is called the combat shotgun. This shotgun does

  • (Legendary, Gold): 81 damage, 137.7 max head shot damage.
  •  (Epic, Purple): 77 damage, 130.9 max head shot damage
  • (Rare, Blue): 73 damage, 124.1 max head shot damage

The next new item/weapon is called the ripe rippers.

These “ripe Rippers” are dual pickaxes, they allow you to harvest materials 2 times as fast. They are apart of the season 9 battle pass.

We all probably know that the pump shotgun was vaulted, In my opinion I hate the combat shotgun, so they should probably add them back. If epic wants more players, make fortnite enjoyable for everyone.