Save the Bees

Sofi O. and Lucy P.

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  Bees Declining:

  The decline of bees will have a lasting effect on the world we know today. Bees pollinate ⅓ of our crops. This number has dropped to ⅓ due to all of the beekeepers and pesticide users. Without having bees to pollinate our crops we won’t have food which leads to no form of life.


Why People Kill Bees?:

Most People also kill or try to harm bees because of them allergic or scared of them (phobia). When people are to see bees their first impression is to kill them are run away. If bees are bothered by people they sting. Bees do not mean to harm us, humans, they simply sting as a self-defense mechanism. The number of bees dying per year was 44% in 2012-2013. I think that our community can change just by keeping chemicals out of our plants and leaving bees (insects) alone.

The Importance of Bees:

Bees are a vital part of our society. Bees pollinate all of our plants and crops. Lately, the bee population has been declining. Bees are not just dying out of nowhere human actions have led to the decline of many bees. A lot of companies that grow crops drown their crops in a chemical called pesticides. Bees are not killing themselves they are dying because we spray our plants with pesticides and chemicals and then bees can not collect nectar or pollinate those plants and then die.  Pesticides are in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. These chemicals are not only “toxic substances released intentionally into our environment to kill living things” they are also surrounding us in our everyday lives. These pesticides kill insects, rodents, and any fungus on plants. This has played a huge role in the decline of bees.

How Can We Help Keep Our Bees Alive?:

We can plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs in your garden and yard. Weeds can also be a good thing, you don’t always have to yank them out of the ground. Another way you can help is by not using chemicals and pesticides to treat your lawn or garden. These chemicals are harmful to bees and that’s what’s making them lose their habitat and ecosystem. Finally, buy local, raw honey, it’s nicer to the bees and is healthier for you!

Getting Honey and Smoking bees:

The smell of the smoke makes the bees think that their home is on fire and they instinctively start their fire drill. Instead of defending the hive, they start to eat honey in order to prepare to leave and find a new home. After you have carried out your inspection and stop smoking, the bees will return to normal. Beekeepers keep bees in small boxes and force them to make honey. They then load them into trucks, for us humans. The honey from these companies is not natural. Once they farm the honey they add cane sugar to give it a sweeter taste.

Don’t be a hater, save the pollinator!