Horror Shorts

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Horror Shorts

Kayla B.

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Horror Story Shorts



Bad Dream

You wake up and you realize it was just a dream. You are so thankful, this is your third night in a row having the exact same nightmare. You are running through the hallways of an abandoned asylum. You know it is an asylum because you can hear the ghostly laughter and screams of the patients around every corner. The loud thumping of your heart beating is deafening. You already know what’s going to happen next, as soon as you turn the corner to face the monster, you wake up before you can see it’s face. When you wake up you are normally screaming because each night you go deeper, and you start to dream more. That night you hesitate before going to bed so you lock all the windows and all the doors. You lie in bed and stare at the ceiling but before long, your eyelids start to feel heavy as they drop and you fall fast asleep. You can hear your feet hitting the solid tile ground, you don’t know who you are running from or why you are running, you just know that if you stop something very bad will happen. “Drip, drop, drip, drop, you can hear the haunting sound of either water or blood hitting the ground. You turn around the corner but you trip over your own feet and you finally see the faceless monster for the first time. You wake up covered in sweat screaming your head off. Deep breath in and out, you keep telling yourself, even though you know it won’t erase the vision of the faceless monster. It’s 4:00 am when you wake up but you know you can never go back to sleep. The next day you go to the psychologist. It is hard to tell this complete stranger sitting in the white coat, about the terrible thing you saw. You recall the memory; the faceless monster looked like a real life size human doll, it had skin so pale it was shining white. Though it could have been beautiful once, it now had a horrific face. No, no, no you think, it had no face at all. The skin of the monster had covered its whole face and it looked as though there was a human under the bright, white layer of skin that seemed to be wrapped around its whole head. You try to explain it to the psychologist, but no words come out of your mouth. You then decide to write what you saw but, your hands start shaking beyond control. You try to apologise but this time you are shaking out of pure terror and fear. You pass out and when you wake up you can hear someone calling your name. You slowly open your eyes as they start to adjust to the light. Once everything comes into focus you see five faceless monsters surrounding you. The first one says in a deep voice, “We’ve been waiting for you.” And laughter is now coming from everywhere, all around you, as you begin to look, you notice you are in the asylum and you aren’t alone  Hundreds of the faceless monsters surround you, you now begin to realise that you never quite knew where the laughter of the patients in the asylum came from. You grab the first thing on the right to use as a weapon, when you realise it’s a mirror, you look into it and you now understand the faceless monster you have been running from is yourself.


The End of the World

The world is ending and nobody knows it. Well, they do know they just won’t believe it, if only they would just accept it instead of trying to find a cure. The first thing that happened to our world was a disease that spread like a wildfire, this took a lot of lives except for those who were immune, others just lucky. When you got  the disease you would suddenly go all cold no matter how hot it was, even next to a fire, your fingers and toes would freeze off. Then, your brain would freeze, leaving you in a coma, and lastly it would stop your heart. This would all happen over the course of 3 to 7 days. After the disease passed there were earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods, and volcanic eruptions. If you were still alive by then, it was a miracle. Only 100 of us remained. Then the sun imploded, and everything went dark. Those of us who survived hoped and prayed that this was not our world ending, but it was. It took us 15 days to find a space ship and by then only 10 of us were left. We got into the spaceship and traveled the galaxy until we found a nice place called Earth. We stayed here until a new species called dinosaurs started to roam the land and we eventually killed them off. We stayed on the Earth for another 70 million years watching the humans kill themselves off.  They polluted all of their air, they used up all of their food sources, and the remaining survivors all killed each other. We got on our spaceship and traveled for 10 years until we found another place called Earth. The humans there were very kind however, this is not the best Earth in the 500 million galaxies. Guess we have to destroy this planet just like we did to the last 148 Earth’s we have found. We will still roam until we find the best one.

Tic Toc

When people are younger, they normally don’t think about their deaths. I however, was not like these people. My mother always called me “different” or “special”. That was mainly because I could see the exact moment when everyone would die. I don’t know how or why, I just could. The date of their deaths were like a ticking time bomb hanging directly over their heads. I could always tell the exact time. All through elementary and middle school I could hear the tiny tic tics and see the numbers slowly going down. It was almost painful when I saw my mother’s clock hit zero.