Lonely Larry

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Lonely Larry

Emma R. and Taite B.

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Lonely Larry Pt. One

Once upon a time, there was a slug named Larry. Larry lived in a small cottage. It was warm and welcoming. All of his friends loved to visit him. Larry was always meeting new friends. Even though Larry had so many friends, he still felt lonely. All of the other slugs were really fun, but there was something missing. After all of his friends had left, Larry sat in his big blue chair to think. He thought and he thought and he thought some more. Suddenly, Larry realized what he was missing! Larry was missing someone to love. He loved all of his friends but in a family way. He wanted to fall in love with a beautiful girl and spend the rest of his life with her. But where would he find such a girl? Certainly not here. Larry had already met everyone within three miles of his house. That meant there was only one thing left to do. Larry would have to brave the unknown and leave his garden. Larry straightened his back and puffed out his chest.

“ I, Larry Longing, will travel across the       1           and brave the unknown! Across the        2          plains    3    , over the deadly and hills, and through the rainy swamp!

The next day, Larry headed out early in the morning. Even though it was morning, everything was dark and there were a few straggling stars still strewn about in the sky.

Larry’s tummy swarmed with butterflies, as he started his long journey to find a companion. By now he had been walking for hours. The sun beat down on him and it became harder and harder for him to walk. It was the peak hour in the day where the sun was at its highest point. Larry’s throat was so dry and beads of sweat dripped from his forehead. He’d already run out of all his water and had eaten all his food. As he stumbled on Larry came across a cabin in the distance. Finally, somewhere to rest for the night.


Larry came up to the door of the cabin and knocked. No answer. He knocked again. Still no answer.

“Hello, is anyone there?” Larry asked slowly opening the door.

There was no one there. As Larry walked into the house. It was a mess! The sink was full of dirty dishes and there were old dusty books piled all around. Whoever lived here was very messy. Larry walked around inside and started to tidy up the house. Then, all of a sudden a big shadow appeared on the wall. It was coming from the kitchen. Larry grabbed a book and ran into the kitchen shaking. In front of him stood a big, hairy        4         . Larry’s heart dropped. What was he going to do! His book was no match to the         5              . There was only one thing to do and that was to                  6           . They             7               . for hours until finally there was a champion. Larry was tired and out of breath, but he finally defeated the mountain troll. It had been a very long day for Larry so he decided to rest there for the night. Tomorrow he would continue his journey, but for now, he would sleep and dream about                                  

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