Weird Food Combos

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Weird Food Combos

Kate I. and Ella D.

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Vanilla ice cream + soy sauce

We would rate this combo 4/5. We rated this 3/5 because if you add only a little bit it tastes amazing!  I almost tastes like caramel. But, if you add too much, it tastes foul and salty.


Image result for vanilla ice cream and soy sauce
Oreo + Orange juice
We would rate this 3/5. This combo was very interesting with a symphony of flavors. But, it was very sweet. A little too sweet for Ella but Kate LOVES it.
Image result for oreo dipped in orange juice
Brownie + Orange juice
We rated this 2/5. This was a decent combo but was not our favorite. It tasted good, a lot like a tootsie roll. If you like tootsie rolls, then you are in for a treat. We don’t, so it was way too sweet for us.
Image result for brownie+++++Image result for orange juice
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