Working Dog Gear

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1. Rex Specs

Rex Specs are dog goggles that protect their eyes. These are good for dogs that go swimming, hiking, and anything that could get gunk, causing infections in their eyes. The Rex Specs website states, “The majority of dogs will be diagnosed with some sort of eye ailment by the time they are 8 years old. Many of these can be prevented or treated with some form of protection from harmful elements, such as the sun, debris, grasses, and brush.” Rex Specs are $79.95.

2. XDOG Vest

The XDOG Vest is a weighted vest designed to build muscle and help improve strength, health, and reduce anxiety. They come in red, yellow and soon blue. The XDOG vest comes with sand bags that you can put in the vest on both sides if you choose. The Xdog Vest website states, “The XDOG Vest is a patent-pending weight vest for dogs that uses sand-filled weights evenly dispersed across the body and designed to help build muscle, improve speed, performance, stamina, reduce obesity, improve mental focus, reduce anxiety and improve cardiovascular health in your dog.” They are priced from $79.99 – $119.99

3. Training Clicker

A training clicker is a tool used for training dogs that you click when your dog does the right thing,