Fourth Grade California Gold Rush

Drew P., Writer

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Image result for california gold rushFourth grade has just finished their National Parks project and is about to begin their California Gold Rush Project. They kicked off their project with a choose your own adventure activity. Students were able to make the same decisions that a real prospector may have had to make during his time in the California Gold Rush. Did they strike gold or lose everything? Their project will later consist of reading The Great Horn Spoon and getting the experience of the Gold Rush at the Lazy W. Ranch. Each student will get a real gold rush experience at the camp and enjoy their first overnight field trip.  The students will leave for their two day trip on March twenty-fifth and return to school on the twenty-sixth. They will pan for gold and take hikes along the Lazy W Ranch river bank. Their main presentation will be a living museum where students take the place of a real person who contributed to the history of the California Gold Rush and California itself. They could be a dreadful bank robber or rich prospector. There will be a student who is Domingo Ghirardelli and a student playing Anthony Hopkins. The fourth graders are going to have a lot of fun with the California Gold Rush.