Fun Facts about March!

Aberleine M., Writer and Photographer

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Fun Facts about March!

March is full of many holidays and fun facts that you may not know! Here are some of the holidays and unique facts about March!

Did you Know? 

  • March is the first month of Spring which begins between March 19-21!
  • Did you know that March is the time of year when animals start to wake up from hibernation!
  • If your Birthday is in March, your birthstone is bloodstone and aquamarine!

Holidays and Events!

  • Did you know that March Madness is in March? It starts March 19th and goes until April 8th!
  • Saint Patrick’s Day also is in March! It takes place March 17th!
  • Did you know that Easter is sometimes in March! Sadly this year, Easter is April 21st.
  • Did you know that March is Women’s History Month and Fire Prevention Month?
  • Daylight Savings also takes place in March! It starts March 10th and ends November 3rd!


Hope you enjoyed these fun facts about March! Have an amazing day!